What is Advertising Injury and How Can You Protect Your Small Business Against It?

General liability insurance works to protect your business in many different ways. One of the ways that the insurance can protect you is by offering advertising injury protection. Here at Smart Way Insurance Agency, serving the greater Sandy, UT area, we have found that not many people know what advertising injury is. Here is some information about this that business owners should know. 

What is Advertising Injury?

Advertising injury is the act of advertising that causes an injury to another party. For example, you may have run an ad that disparaged another company, causing them a loss. Or you may have run an ad that was false, causing injury to your consumers. If someone was injured by an advertisement for your business, they may be able to file an advertising injury lawsuit against you and your business. 

How Does Liability Insurance Protect Against Advertising Injury? 

Liability insurance can help to protect your business against advertising injury in multiple ways. One of the ways the insurance can protect you against advertising injury is by defending you against any advertising injury lawsuits that are filed against your business. Anytime litigation is involved, it can be expensive and costly. Your insurance will help to cover the costs of hiring lawyers, experts, and other fees associated with mounting a defense. 

The other way that liability insurance protects against advertising injury is by paying an award if you lose your case. If another party is awarded money after a trial, it may be more than your business can afford. The insurance policy kicks in to cover the award so your business can stay afloat. 

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