ATV Insurance

Smart Way Insurance Agency, Sandy, UT, is an independent agency that offers a variety of insurance products to meet the needs of its customers. For instance, Smart Way Insures all-terrain vehicles (ATV). The American Standards Institute defines  ATV’s as a three or four-wheeler, quad, quad bike, or quadricycle.  ATV’s are unique in that the vehicles are fitted with low-pressure tires.  The operator straddles a seat with controlling the ATV with handlebars and sits on the ATV as if it was a motorcycle, but with additional wheels to maintain stability. Most states do not allow ATVs to travel on the streets. It is not uncommon that ATVs are designed to carry a passenger. In 1969 Honda put on the market the first three-wheeled ATV.  While in 1982 Suzuki sold the first four-wheeled ATV.   When purchasing a used ATV beware of a bent or cracked frame and any rust, steering problems or loose parts. 

Insurance coverage for ATVs includes bodily injury liability which pays for medical bills and loss of income as a result of the accident; property damage liability caused to the non-fault party, collision as a result of the insured hitting any object or if your ATV experiences a rollover. If you rent, lease or finance an ATV Collision coverage will probably be required. Make sure that your ATV insurance also pays for damage to any safety apparel. Comprehensive coverage is recommended for any vandalism or theft of your ATV. You should also consider Personal Injury Protection which covers medical expenses independent of who caused the accident and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. 

An ATV in an accident will need to be repaired. It is wise to obtain an OEM endorsement which will ensure that the fixed parts are new and purchased from the original manufacturer. If an OEM part is not available to ensure that your ATV policy issues payment based on the fair market value of the part.

The agents of  Smart Way Insurance Agency in Sandy, UT will advise you of your vehicle insurance needs.  Please call for an appointment!