How much boat insurance do you need?

Boat insurance is the indemnity plan that you need when you own watercraft in Sandy, UT. This type of assurance covers you when your boat is damaged in an accident or stolen from the dock. Many boat owners know that they need an insurance policy. Few, however, know how much coverage they actually need. Read on to learn about the factors that affect your assurance policy. Call the agents at Smart Way Insurance Agency for a quote!

Are you in an area prone to inclement weather?

Sandy, UT is not known to be an area prone to hurricanes. The area does, however, receive snow on a regular basis. Snow has the ability to weaken certain spots on your boat so that the foundation is prone to leakage. You may want to consider adding an element that protects natural disasters to your premium so that you are not at a total financial loss should a snowstorm sweep your boat off its feet.

Do you take your boat out often?

Those who keep their watercraft at home more often than taking the vessels out may not need as much assurance. You may want to consider a policy that pays more in the instance of bodily injury or property damage if you take a ride on the waves every week.

Are you financially established with things to lose?

You may think that you can cover the medical bills and property damage if the price of your at-fault accident exceeds your policy limits. Your bank account, however, may not be enough to pay for everything, which presents the notion of a lawsuit. Imagine everything that you worked to achieve being taken away in an instant. Such is a possibility when you are underinsured.

The agents at Smart Way Insurance Agency want to ensure that you are financially sound in the way of assurance. They can help you find the boat indemnity plan that works best for your situation. Call them today for a quote!

Does the Age of the Home Change the Cost of Insurance

Home insurance is something that all homeowners should have in place. There are a few different factors that change the overall cost of home policies and the age of the home is certainly one of them. For those that live in the Sandy, UT area, the agents with Smart Way Insurance Agency can help you to find the coverage that works best for your home and for the coverage that you specifically need.

A great place to start when thinking about how much it might cost to cover your home is of course to consider the age of the home. The age of the home is going to have some effect on the overall cost of a policy for a few different reasons. As our homes age, they lose value. You can do one of two things when insuring your home, you can insure the actual value of the home and you can insure the overall value of the home or the cost to rebuild the exact same home by the standards of today. If you are insuring based solely on the home, you are going to be able to have a slightly less expensive policy overall.

If you are looking to get a lower premium, you may want to take the time to have your assessor come and state the price of the home and the value of the home based on the age of the home. This is going to affect and change the overall cost of the policy that you are paying. For those that live in Sandy, UT area, the agents Smart Way Insurance can help you to find the right policy and to find the right coverage based on the age and overall value of your home.