Do You Need Full Coverage Insurance For Anitque Cars?

Most people know that it is required to have at least liability insurance while out on the road, but if you have an antique car, you may wonder if you need full coverage insurance. If you are concerned about getting the most from your coverage, you should consider a few points if you are an antique car owner before you make your policy decision.

Insuring Antique Cars

If you own an antique car, you need to get it appraised before you purchase your insurance policy. Even if your car or truck is showing signs of wear and tear, it may be worth more than you think. Many antique car owners make the mistake of carrying liability only and can’t recoup the value of the car or have the necessary repairs to get it back on the road. If you have a professionally restored antique car that has significant value, you may want specialty insurance and even umbrella coverage to prevent and losses. Consult an expert in the field of auto insurance before choosing a policy so you know you select the right type of coverage.

Ask The Experts

Always consult an expert in auto insurance if you plan to drive an antique vehicle. They can guide you in the right direction and suggest coverage that offers adequate protection. You may even need to purchase a special policy in some circumstances. If you have an antique vehicle, check out Smart Way Insurance Agency serving the Sandy, UT area. 

Don’t guess when it comes to selecting coverage for an antique vehicle. Have the vehicle appraised and then call or stop by the Smart Way Auto Insurance Agency serving residents of Sandy, UT and find out how you can get the right coverage and security on the road. 

Is Basic Coverage Enough For Higher Priced Motorcycles?

Choosing motorcycle insurance is like choosing auto insurance, however, you may want to consider a greater amount of coverage if you use your motorcycle as primary transportation. If you own a more valuable motorcycle, do you want to select basic coverage or do you need more?

Selecting Motorcycle Coverage

If you have a higher priced motorcycle you may want to consider purchasing the highest amount of regular coverage and you may even need umbrella coverage to prevent gaps or losses. Consult your professional auto insurance agent to discover options that work for your individual needs. They can help you get peace of mind while on the open road so you don’t have to worry. 

Knowledgeable Agents

If you want to give yourself the protection you need for a higher priced motorcycle, you need to work with an agent from a reputable insurance agency with plenty of experience. They can supply you with insurance products that can cover above and beyond traditional motorcycle insurance. If you live in the Sandy UT area, you should contact Smart Way Insurance Agency for more information about additional coverage. They are experts who care about your security. 

If you are the owner of a valuable motorcycle, especially if it is your main mode of transportation, you should contact Smart Way Insurance Agency serving the residents around the Sandy, UT area. They can work with you individually to help you discover insurance products that will cover you adequately without costly gaps. Call or stop by the office today to speak with a friendly, knowledgeable agent and start obtaining the coverage you need while out on the open road.