How To Deal with Roof Damage

Roof damage can be caused by a number of different factors, from age and regular wear and tear, to environmental causes like ice storms and high winds. To maintain the integrity of your home, it is important that all roof damage be addressed right away as this type of damage can cause further destruction to your home. The team at Smart Way Insurance Agency, serving the Sandy, UT area, offers full-service care and can assist you with the claims-filing process. The claims process for roof damage is fairly straightforward, depending on the cause of the damage.

First Steps to Follow If You Have Roof Damage

Determining if the repair of your roof damage will be covered by your home insurance policy will likely hinge on the cause of the damage. It is important to have documentation or notes describing the current damage and how it happened. The next step is to inform your insurance agent or insurance company of the damage. Working with a full-service insurance agency can make the process a lot easier, as your agent will be there to offer their direction and guidance as you navigate the process. 

Your insurance company will then send out an adjuster to inspect your roof and provide an estimate for repair or replacement. You will then need to engage the services of an approved roofing company. Typically, you will receive a portion of the funds upfront to enable the contractor to purchase materials, with the remainder being disbursed upon successful completion of the project. 

Are you wondering if your current home insurance policy provides adequate coverage in the event of roof damage? Contact Smart Way Insurance Agency to schedule a policy review; we are proud to serve the insurance needs of our friends and neighbors in the greater Sandy, UT area.

What Is Full Coverage Car Insurance?

Technically, there is no such thing as full coverage car insurance in Sandy, UT, but instead the term refers to a combination of collision and comprehensive coverage that will give you the most protection possible.

Full coverage car insurance will cover that liability insurance that is required in Sandy, UT, collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage. An agent at Smart Way Insurance Agency can explain your protection so you know how you are covered.

In addition to having liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage, you still aren’t fully covered and there are other polices that may make sense for you. Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage will help cover the cost if you get into an accident with a driver that doesn’t have insurance, or one that doesn’t have sufficient coverage. Medical payments coverage can help you pay for medical bills after an accident, even if you are at fault. Rental reimbursement coverage can pay for the cost of a rental car while you wait for your car to be repaired. Emergency road service coverage can cover you if your car breaks down and you need towing. Customized parts and equipment coverage will protect you if have custom parts that are expensive on your vehicle and need to pay for the cost of damages. Gap insurance will help you if your car is totaled in an accident and you still owe money on your loan or lease.

When determining what full coverage is for you, take into consideration the fair market value of your vehicle, if you have adequate health insurance to cover you in an accident, your location, and your budget. If you are in a location with a high number of uninsured drivers, consider other options and remember that the best protection you can get is the insurance you can afford to have.

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