When To Consider ATV Insurance

Having an ATV that you can ride around on is a lot of fun but that does not mean that you do not need to have it covered by ATV insurance. In fact, here at Smart Way Insurance Agency, serving Sandy, UT, we know that it is actually the best choice you can make when you own an ATV. Below are a few reasons why you should always have an ATV policy when you own an ATV.

  • Others may be riding it. You are likely the main one who rides your ATV but if you ever have others that ride it, then you want that extra liability protection. You do not want anyone getting injured while riding your ATV and then coming after you with an insurance claim because they were injured on your toy. A policy can help provide you with that protection. Additionally, there may be people riding it that you are not aware of, such as someone who may break in to steal it for a joy ride. If they get injured on it, they can still come after you.
  • If it breaks down, an insurance policy can help pay for a new one or repairs. An ATV is not inexpensive and since you spent a good amount getting it, you likely do not want to have to replace it when it breaks down unexpectedly. A good insurance policy can help protect you in some of these cases. 

Now that you know why it is a smart idea to have it, it is time to get your ATV insurance. If you are interested in getting a policy for your ATV, be sure to contact us today at Smart Way Insurance Agency, serving Sandy, UT, to get started. We will find the right policy to meet your needs and we will also make sure that it fits within your budget. 

What to Look For When Choosing ATV Insurance

An All-terrain vehicle is an excellent asset for your off-road activities. It offers a good alternative to your regular car whenever the need arises. Even though ATV insurance isn’t a basic requirement in Sandy, UT, you should never avoid purchasing it. You will require the Smart Way Insurance Agency ATV insurance since off-roading can sometimes be bumpy and dangerous. In fact, that is the key reason why you need to get ATV insurance today. The high cost of injury bills or replacing your stolen ride can be too expensive without an insurance cover. Here are a few things you should consider when selecting your ATV insurance.

It Should Cover Liability

This could be the most significant part of your ATV insurance policy. The liability coverage protects against costs that may arise when you cause bodily injuries to other people with your ATV. The insurance provider should be willing to cater for the medical bill and also settle your legal fees if the matter results in a lawsuit.

It Should Cover Damages to Your ATV

The first thing you should consider while selecting your ATV insurance is whether it covers damages to your ride. A good insurance shouldn’t just be limited to damages alone, but it should also facilitate changing your ATV or purchasing a new one. Although getting a new ATV will cost a lot of money, the burden is somehow eased when it is insured.

It Should Also Cover Personal Injuries

You are always susceptible to injuries while driving your ATV in Sandy, UT. The insurance provides you settle on should be willing to cater for the recovery fee or rehabilitation in case you get injured while driving your ATV. Not everyone has the financial capacity to settle the ever-rising quality medical bills.

Do you own ATV and you want a comprehensive insurance policy? Contact Smart Way Insurance Agency today and we will gladly cover you and your ATV.