What is Accessory Coverage for Motorcycles?

Motorcycle riders in Sandy, UT are required by law to carry motorcycle insurance, and the law mandates that riders must purchase a policy that provides financial protection in the event of bodily injury and property damage, according to the state’s minimum limits. Riders can also purchase additional insurances, and one of these is accessory coverage protection.

Accessory Coverage Basics

Another name for accessory protection is custom parts and equipment coverage or CPE, and this is a good choice for people who have customized their motorcycles. This is because an owner can put a significant amount of money into their bikes above and beyond what the original purchase price was. When this happens, a standard comprehensive insurance policy will not be able to provide sufficient indemnification to cover the true replacement cost of the bike. 

Accessories covered under an accessory coverage policy will vary from insurance company to insurance company, and you will need to check with your agent to discuss the specific items that will be covered. Examples of accessories that may be included are: kits to convert your motorcycle into a trike, sidecars, motorcycle trailers, plows for clearing snow, and mower blades for cutting grass.

Some policies can cover apparel, such as helmets, leather chaps, jackets, and gloves, and others may include custom exhaust systems, paint jobs, and chrome plating. Personalized spoilers, stereos, winches, handle bars, and suspensions can also sometimes be included. Experts suggest documenting all alterations by keeping receipts and by taking pictures.  

Smart Way Insurance Agency Can Answer Your Questions

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Choosing the Right Life Jacket

You need more than just an insurance policy from Smart Way Insurance Agency, serving Sandy, UT and the surrounding area, to keep you safe on your boat. No matter how skilled of a swimmer you are, falling into a lake, river or ocean can be deadly. That’s why everyone aboard a boat should have a life jacket available, but not all life jackets are created equally.  

General Rules

All life vests must be approved by the U.S. Coast Guard, which will be noted on the life vest. The size of the vest matters, especially for children. Always check the label inside of the vest for the size, which is dependent upon the size and weight of the wearer. You should always test your life jacket in shallow waters before you take it out on the water, especially if you’re using a used one.  

Try the Vest on

Even if a life vest is your size, make sure you try it on first to ensure it fits right. Fasten the jacket correctly when up try it on. Use the adjustable straps to find the ideal fit. If you notice the vest rides up around your face, then it’s too large for you. One that is too small might fit uncomfortably and improperly and won’t be able to support you. You should be able to raise your arms in the life vest without any excess room above the opening of it. 


You can purchase ones that inflate, but these are generally only recommended for those who can swim and are over the age of 16. Make sure you read the label before you purchase a life vest to make sure it’s one designed for your purposes. For instance, ones that work upon immersion aren’t suitable for whitewater paddling or water skiing.  

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