How different tires can effect an ATV ride

Smart Way Insurance Agency serving Sandy, UT knows you want to have fun in your ATV. So, you finally got an ATV, and you can’t wait to go on an adventure in the wilderness or just cruise around in a big yard and have fun.

But have you considered what kind of tires you want? They can make a significant difference in your ride and your safety in different conditions.

You need to consider what kind of tread pattern you’ll need. Consider your terrain.

There are several different types of tread patterns for ATV’s:

  • Mud Tires
    The tread life on mud tires is flatters if you drive anywhere but mud. The aggressive tread pattern has a less than comfortable ride.
  • Sand Tires which have a  “paddle” or “scoop” type treads. This is the only tread pattern that provides good traction in the sand, but are so specialized they really don’t work anywhere else.
  • Racing Tires – Racing tires are specialty-built, and are designed for hard-packed trails and courses and are designed for high-speed runs.

Tire size is another important distinction. You need to take into account the Width, Height, and Sidewall Height. Generally, for safety, it is recommended that you replace your ATV’s tires with tires of equal.

A smaller diameter tire – this will decrease the overall speed and increase the engine RPM. A wider tire will increase traction, particularly laterally. Too wide of a tire will diminish braking ability. Most ATV’s have had tires with very tall sidewalls which will produce far more flex. That helps off roading, but is a bad choice for high-speed course runs.

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The Ins and Outs of General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance, also known as Commercial Liability Insurance is utilized by businesses to protect against paying large amounts of money to customers who have been injured on your property. It is also helpful at reducing or eliminating the cost of property damage as a result of business operations or defective products.

Although it is not mandatory for businesses to carry general liability in Utah, without it you could open yourself up to multi million dollar lawsuits that could cripple your business. Contact the independent agents at Smart Way Insurance Agency in Sandy, UT so that your company can be fully protected with general liability insurance.

What does General Liability Cover?

  • Bodily Injury
  • Property Damages
  • Reputation Damages
  • Copyright Infringement

Things to Consider

Having a place of business that requires a liquor license to operate may need more than a general liability policy. You may need to add additional liability in order to be completely protected against lawsuits, bodily injuries, or property damage. If a customer becomes intoxicated and injures themselves or others, you could be responsible for covering their medical bills in addition to your property damages. With liquor liability insurance, you’ll be able to repair your establishment and possibly pay for injuries other patrons may have suffered.

Pollution damage is a serious issue that is not always covered under a general liability policy. If your business has a huge impact on the environment, you should add pollution liability coverage to your policy. When hazardous chemicals enter the environment, the cost of cleanup and public injuries could be astronomical. For example, those who own offshore drilling posts can spend years cleaning up the ocean if there is a spill.

You can get general liability insurance alone or with a business package. Talk with your experts at Smart Way Insurance Agency in Sandy, UT to set up the right liability insurance for your business.