Does Your Boat Insurance Cover Damages If Someone Borrows Your Watercraft in Sandy UT?

Residents who live in Sandy, UT can count on the agents at Smart Way Insurance Agency to provide them with the information they need concerning different types of boat and watercraft insurance. Boating is a favorite past time of many Utah residents and knowing that you’re fully insured, both on the water and off, is extremely important. It’s also important to know just exactly what your insurance policy covers.

Letting Someone Borrow Your Boat

It’s your choice to let someone borrow y our boat. It’s in your best interest to make sure they know how to properly handle the watercraft, as well as have a working knowledge of the laws that are in place for operating a boat or other watercraft in public waters. If you feel comfortable with letting them borrow your boat, make sure you have a contingency plan in place, if they have an accident or cause any type of damage.

Who’s Responsible?

If you let a friend borrow your boat and they have an accident, who’s responsible. In most cases, you are. It’s important to make sure your insurance policy covers other people using your watercraft. This type of coverage may require an additional fee, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

It’s extremely important that you protect your interests at all times. If you and your friends go boating often, you need to understand both the laws and the insurance policy you have in place that protects you from financial loss. In Sandy, UT, contact the agents of Smart Way Insurance Agency if you have any questions about the limits of your boat insurance coverage and to find out what they can do to make sure you’re covered no matter what the circumstances.

Life Insurance Will Help to Ease Your Family’s Burden, Let Smart Way Insurance Show You How

Smart Way Insurance Agency of Sandy, UT understands that life insurance can be a difficult topic to discuss. Our agents are trained to have these conversations in a productive and respectful manner where the end goal is getting your family the appropriate amount of coverage to sustain their lifestyle in the event of your untimely passing. If you are in the Sandy, UT area and would like to have your life insurance policy reviewed to ensure that it will provide adequate coverage the team at Smart Way Insurance Agency can help with that too.


Many families face an economic reality that requires both parents to work. In this situation as well as households where there is one main breadwinner, life insurance can help to keep the family in the same house and at the same lifestyle level as before. Children need stability, especially after the death of a parent, and having life go on as much as it can as before is very helpful. Having to sell the family home due to the death of a spouse is a decision that no one should have to make. Life insurance is an effective tool in helping your family.


We are all concerned with how we will meet the needs of our children’s secondary education levels and with one parent, this situation can become even more challenging. The proper life insurance policy can help to meet these financial obligations and allow your children to reach their educational goals with as little student loan debt as possible. 

Give us a call today to learn more about how the Smart Way Insurance Agency can help you meet all of your family’s life insurance needs.