Don’t Make This Mistake: Why You Need Insurance For Your ATV

Recreational vehicles are so much fun! Campers, boats, jet skis and and ATV’s can make for fun weekends and great memories. The downside to this fun is that people often overlook the necessity of insurance coverage. For Sandy, UT residents, there are so many opportunities for fun and recreation, but don’t forget that you need protection, too.

It happens every year. A family sets out for a weekend camping adventure with their new ATV. They are having a great time, then the unthinkable happens. An accident. There are injuries and a helicopter ride out to the hospital. Fortunately, it ends well. Unfortunately, the medical costs are outrageous. Without specific coverage for the ATV, there is simply not enough to cover the costs of hospital, doctor and transportation bills. The financial hit for the family is severe.

Other problems occur when friends use the ATV, or when the ATV is involved in property damage. You have to have coverage for these instances, no matter how rare they may seem. 

All recreational vehicles, whether they be for water or land, should be covered. This includes ATV’s. While you may only use them occasionally, and in controlled circumstances, it’s still important to have them covered. Your homeowner’s insurance or other personal insurance may not cover these accidents at all, or perhaps only minimally.

If you have recreational vehicles, such as an ATV, it’s a good idea to sit down with your Smart Way Insurance Agency today to talk about insurance coverage options. Get the right amount of coverage. A one-time incident can set you back financially for years. Don’t take chances, get covered today.

Why Do I Need General Liability Insurance?

General liability insurance is not mandated by law for residents of Sandy, UT, however, it is something that most business owners choose to purchase. This is because general liability insurance can protect your financial assets, giving you peace of mind. 

Situations Covered by General Liability Insurance

Your insurance policy can cover medical bills and legal expenses that may arise when a client or visitor is injured while on your property. It can also cover the damage that you cause to property belonging to someone else, and it can protect you against situations where you have made a mistake in your advertising content. When doing business, there is the chance you could run into disagreements with clients or customers or with people from whom you are renting property, and in the event of a lawsuit, your general liability insurance will kick in.

Copyright infringement is a real concern in today’s world, and you want to be protected against any problems that may arise. Lawsuits can also happen if you make a deleterious claim against another business or brand that results in hurting their reputation. It is important to remember that specific coverages can vary and that you must talk to your agent to discuss particulars. 

Smart Way Insurance Agency is Here to Help You 

We at the Smart Way Insurance Agency are experienced in helping those in and around Sandy, UT with their various insurance requirements. We invite you to use the free research tool we’ve made available on our website to find a fast and easy quote on homeowners and automobile insurance. For all your other needs, including general liability insurance, please call us, or make an appointment to meet with our knowledgeable staff, and we will work hard to find the right package for you.