I Do Not Have a Permanent Residence. How Does This Affect My Auto Insurance Rate?

There are a number of reasons why you may not have a permanent address. You may be between houses, couch surfing on your friend’s couch, or could be evicted while you are between cars. Regardless, you are supposed to inform your auto insurance company of any changes to your address and where your car is housed. This may leave you wondering what to do if you find yourself in this situation.

When you do not have a permanent address, an insurance company will ask you to list the addresses where the car is often housed or garaged. This may be at your friend’s place or the part of town where you often crash with family. If you have this information, this will be the address used to generate your quote.

If you are transient and don’t have an address, an insurance company may do one of two things. They may use an average price for numerous zip codes to determine your price or price you based on the most expensive zip codes in the area. Ultimately, it is up to the insurance company to decide what to do in such a situation. As such, it important to get quotes from various companies to ensure you find the one that is fair and reasonably priced for you.

If you are looking to insure a vehicle, yet don’t have a permanent address, let Smart Way Insurance Agency in Sandy, UT help. We can help determine the average cost for zip codes in the area, giving you a fair and reasonable price quote until you have a permanent address.

Protect Home Renovations by Updating Your Insurance

Spring is a great time to remodel your home in preparation for family gatherings in summer. Whether you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen or adding a new patio, updating your insurance coverage with Smart Way Insurance Agency in Sandy, UT is key to protecting your investments. Here are a few reasons why updating your policy is important when making major renovations to your abode.

Coverage Limits and Replacement Cost

Major home renovations often increase the value of a property. A rise in home value will result in higher repair or replacement costs in the event of a claim. The limits on your current insurance policy may be insufficient to rebuild your home if it’s totally destroyed by fire, flood or other covered peril.

Inadequate insurance coverage could mean extra funds coming out of your pocket to repair or replace your loss. An insurance update will allow you to recalculate and adjust coverage limits to protect structural upgrades to your property.

Personal Possessions Coverage

If you’ve bought new appliances to go with your kitchen remodel or patio furniture for a new patio, you may need to increase coverage of personal possessions as well to protect these newly acquired assets.

Property Damage Coverage    

Major renovations and additions will need to be added to your policy to receive insurance protection. By discussing renovation plans with a representative from Smart Way Insurance Agency in advance, you can get a better idea of what kind of coverage you need. If your renovations suffer damage or loss during construction or after completion, your insurer will repair or replace these in accordance with your coverage.

As one of your most valued possessions, your home in Sandy, UT deserves the best insurance protection you can provide. At Smart Way Insurance Agency, we can help you obtain personalized home insurance coverage tailored to your specific needs.