Ways to Avoid DIY Remodeling Mistakes

Do you enjoy DIY (do it yourself) remodeling? Maybe you’ve declared yourself a DYI master, and along with you buddy YouTube, you’ve been able to pull off many projects just fine.  It’s never too late to get a few tips on how to avoid some common DIY remodeling mistakes from your friends at Smart Way Insurance Agency in Sandy, UT.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • When remodeling a small space, avoid trapping something large in the room, such as a refrigerator.  Measure repeatedly and imagine every possible scenario before changing the area’s layout.
  • For some items, it will not pay to go with the cheapest.  For example, installing an island range hood is no easy feat, and removing it a year later because you found an amazing deal will not save on cost.
  • When doing specialty work, there is no shame in consulting with a specialist before you start the work.  For example, electrical work can be tricky, especially when you want something fancy like dimmer switches at both entrances of a room.  You don’t want to end up with flickering lights that don’t dim.
  • Avoid tackling DIY projects on a holiday.  It may seem like the perfect time, but if things go wrong, you have no one to turn to because they are all on holiday.  Imagine a DIY plumbing project that goes south over the long Thanksgiving weekend.  It’s best to save some projects when a pro you trust is around to help.

Smart Way Insurance Agency

At Smart Way, we care about your home in the Sandy, UT area, and we love sharing tips on how to maintain and manage remodeling work to save you time and money.  We are here for you to help identify your home insurance needs.  Contact us today.

How to Make Your Car Drive Forever

We all know that maintaining our cars makes them last longer. Some of us probably even do it ourselves. But the secret to a car that drives forever? That takes some dedication and know-how to pull off. If you want to make your car drive forever—or at least a really long time—here are a few tips.

Dealership Maintenance

Although most of us get maintenance done on our cars at local mechanic shops or do it ourselves, there’s something to be said for going to the dealer. The dealer knows exactly what your car needs, things you would only know if you studied the car’s manual. The dealer may cost a little more, but they can tell when things are slightly off that a mechanic with wider knowledge might not have.

Follow Some 3 Million Mile Advice

Whether you live in Sandy, UT and got your insurance at Smart Way Insurance Agency or not, the experience of a man who has driven his Volvo over three million miles is valuable. If you want your car to run forever, or at least millions of miles, follow his guidance: 

  • Really read and follow the manual. Instead of stashing it in the glove box, study it to figure out your car’s optimum maintenance routines. 
  • Get regular oil changes every time they are due instead of procrastinating.
  • Keep the car clean inside and out to prevent corrosion.
  • Drive your car on a daily basis, as well as taking it on regular road trips.

Stay Safe on the Road

While no one intends to get in an accident, statistics show that when you drive 10 miles faster than other cars on a freeway (such as 80 MPH when traffic is going at 70 MPH), your odds of wrecking increase by 31%. If you want your car to keep driving, you can’t afford getting in an accident.

If you live in Sandy, UT, go to the dealer for maintenance, read the manual, and be an alert driver. These are some keys to making that car drive practically forever. Your Smart Way Insurance Agency representative will thank you.