What To Do if Your Boat is Stolen

Boat owners need to take specific actions if someone steals their boat to reduce liability risk and improve the chances of recovery.

Stealing a boat is actually easy if the boat is already in the water, say for example on a dock. Just by pulling the wires from the ignition switch and connecting them together would allow a thief to “hot wire” a boat and get it started. It takes minimal skill to do this.

The problem for boat owners is not only the loss of the boat when a thief steals it, but also the possibility of liability damage done by the unauthorized operator. If a stolen boat is involved in an accident, the owner may be liable.

One way to avoid this problem is to have a boat alarm. The best ones send a signal if the boat moves from a specific area. This signal may sound an alarm and can make a mobile phone call to the owner to advise them the boat is moving without permission. The very best systems include a GPS tracking feature. These systems are not expensive and are very useful. Some insurance companies give a premium reduction if the advanced anti-theft systems are in a boat. So, check with the agents at Smart Way Insurance Agency to see if you qualify for a premium discount.

GPS tracking allows the boat owner to know exactly where the boat is located and help with recovery. These systems are useful when the boat is either in or out of the water.

If your boat is stolen, of course immediately notify the law enforcement authorities. Inform them of any GPS tracking system so they can apprehend the thief quickly. Notify your insurance company right away so that they are also informed about what is happening.

It is always a god idea to regularly review boat insurance coverage with your agent at Smart Way Insurance Agency for adequate protection.

What Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

Whether you ride your motorcycle in Sandy, UT or you enjoy hitting the open road for extended adventures, having the right kind of motorcycle insurance is a must. At Smart Way Insurance Agency, we want to help educate you on what your insurance covers and what kinds of insurance protection is out there. 


There are two kinds of liability insurance for motorcycles. The first is bodily injury liability. This pays for medical bills, loss wages and also people you might injure in the event of an accident. Typically the only injuries other people sustain in a motorcycle accident are with other motorcycles or if you have a passenger, but bodily injury liability is necessary. The other half is property damage liability. This pays for property damage caused by an accident. 

Optional Coverage

There are many optional yet important coverage options out there. This includes uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. If you are in an accident with another driver and they don’t have insurance (or they only have the bare minimum) this helps protect your motorcycle when they are at fault. Collision helps repair or replace your motorcycle if it is damaged not in an accident (such as a tree falling onto it or someone backing into it and leaving the scene). Comprehensive insurance pays for other accidents not accident related, like animal collision and flood or fire damage. 

Supplemental Coverage

There might be some insurance gaps you want to look into, depending on the kind of riding you do. This includes accessory coverage, if you have extensive modifications placed on your bike. Roadside assistance provides towing and minor repairs, while trailer coverage allows the price of a trailer offered when it is needed. Trip interruption coverage is another form of coverage that pays for food and lodging if the bike breaks down while away from home.