The Best Car Cleaning Strategies for Sandy, Utah

There are a number of reasons for cleaning your car on a regular basis in a place like Sandy, Utah. One is just the overall appearance, as driving a filthy car looks ridiculous sometimes. Another is resale value, as letting your car get incredibly dirty can wear down the paint and exterior finish, costing you money when you try to trade the vehicle in or sell it in the future. The last one is safety, as a dirty car with obscured windows and mirrors can lead to an accident and cost you more money on your Smart Way Insurance Agency auto policy. Whatever the reason may be, below are the best car cleaning strategies for automobile owners in Sandy, Utah.


Parking your car in a garage or putting a cover over it’s exterior whenever you are parking it for an extended period of time is an excellent way to keep your car clean. By doing this, dirt, dust, bird droppings and other foreign substances will have a much more difficult time ending up on the exterior of your vehicle.


With some old newspapers and a solution of water, vinegar and rubbing alcohol, you can properly clean mirrors and windows inside the vehicle better than any streak free store bought solution. This will not only save you money, but ensure that your car has maximum visibility while out on the road.


Wax not only adds a real shine to a clean vehicle, it also keeps dirt from sticking to the exterior of the car for an extended period of time. So by adding wax you’re making it easier to clean in the future, as well as protecting the exterior from foreign substances that could take off the paint when they are removed.

How To Update Your Insurance Policy

When you’re in Sandy, Utah, it’s important to know how to update your insurance policy. The last thing you want to do is find out your policy has expired, so there are ways to simplify the process. This will also ensure you have the right level of coverage for all that is going on in your life.

Know Your Policy Numbers

Before you can update any of your insurance policies, you need to know your policy numbers, as well as what insurance company you have coverage from. You may have an array of policies, ranging from auto to homeowners and everything in between. This means you may have more than one company you do business with.

Explore Coverage Options

When it comes to updating your policy, you also want to explore coverage to ensure you have enough. Things may have changed since the last time you signed up to get coverage. Some examples include:

  • Adding a pool
  • Fencing in your yard
  • Installing a security system
  • Buying expensive artwork
  • Owning expensive jewelry

You may also want to look at other things, such as if you have been involved in an auto accident and want to increase coverage as a way of minimizing the money you would pay out of pocket.

Compare Rates

If you are going to update coverage, you might as well compare rates and see if you can find a more affordable policy. Premiums can vary from year to year and between companies. Discounts may be available that hadn’t been available before. Plus, you may be able to save money if you consolidate and switch all of your policies over to one insurance company.

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