Different Ways to Use Cleaning Supplies Around the House

Cleaning supplies are the difference between a safe home and germ-infested residence, but sometimes there’s more than meets the eye to these lovely products. If you’re used to only using oven cleaner on your oven or window washer on your glass, then you’re missing out. Read on for more tips on how to get the most out of your supplies. 

Couch Cleaning and Bug Killing 

Window washer fluid actually works great for both of these uses. Just one spray can eliminate stains on upholstery and get those pests away from stray crumbs on the ground or dusty corners in your home. 

Ice Packs and Weed Eliminators 

Liquid soap put in a seal-tight bag and popped in the freezer makes an ice pack that will last longer than pure water. A tablespoon combined with salt (one cup) and white vinegar (one gallon) can also be a weed killer for those sidewalk greens that continue sprouting up after every pull. Bonus: it can also be used to grease messy garage floors after you’ve had a particularly labor-intensive maintenance session or had an unexpected leak. 

Clean Your Bathtub

While oven cleaner may get a starring role every once in a while during your cleaning sessions, you likely don’t use it very often. Instead of letting it sit around, use it on white porcelain tubs to get the stains out and get you back in a gleaming space to get clean. Just keep it in the tub so you don’t ruin your towels or shower curtain. 

Using your cleaning supplies differently is just good sense, but so is getting the right homeowners policy for your home. Smart Way Insurance Agency serving Sandy, UT can help you get a quote if you need a new carrier or are buying your first home. Call today for more information!


Sandy, Utah Car Cleaning Advice

As it’s name suggests, Sandy, Utah can leave the automobiles driving around within it or the surrounding area somewhat dusty. Grime, dirt and other substances on the surface of a vehicle can lead to damage to the vehicle’s exterior or even bad visibility out the windows of the car itself, which can lead to an accident and a spike in your auto insurance premiums. The cleaner you keep your car, the better. Below are some tips for keeping your car clean in Sandy, Utah.


The majority of the dirt that is going to get on your car in Sandy, Utah is just floating around in the air and will settle on the surface of your vehicle when it is parked outside. So when you are parking it for an extended period of time, try to make sure it is inside a garage or under a cover, which will protect it from anything that can land or settle on it. This way, the majority of cleaning you will need to do to the vehicle itself can be done with a clean, soft rag.


Older headlight covers that are plastic can be cleaned with toothpaste and a rag, allowing you more light when driving at all times, but especially at night. This will also help protect you from having an accident in the long run and protect your insurance policy overall. Check with an insurance company like Smart Way Insurance Agency, who serves the greater Sandy, Utah area, to see if doing this will lower your auto insurance rates overall.


With some window cleaner and old newspaper, your car windshield, windows and mirrors will look perfectly clean, ensuring that you will not have a visibility issue when driving, at least not due to excess dirt.