Do Not Get Stuck on the Road Without These Tools

It is always best to have an automobile checked by a mechanic on a regular basis. This professional can ensure that a vehicle meets all federal, state and local safety requirements. Nevertheless, cars still malfunction. All machines have their bad days. The grind of daily use wears a car down and eventually something breaks. The worst is when the problem occurs with no help around. For this reason, along with their auto insurance, Utah motorists should invest in the following tools.

1. A Car Jack

A jack lifts and supports the car, allowing a stranded driver to perform needed maintenance underneath. A professional quality jack comes highly recommended. Unfortunately, there are incidents in which a poorly constructed jack fails to hold the car weight. A bad situation becomes exponentially worse when a driver becomes trapped under their vehicle. Always have a sturdy jack and health insurance.

2. Lug Wrench

Tires are often the source of car troubles. Road debris can blow a tire. When this happens a driver might have to remove and replace the tire. A lug wrench facilitates the removal of the tire bolts. Those without such a tool might have to wait hours on a roadside mechanic to arrive to some distant location.

3. Flashlight

There are a plethora of dark, lonely roads in Utah. No rule exists preventing a car from breaking down in such an area; instead, motorists must always remain prepared to be stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Sufficient ambient lighting might be non-existent. Keeping a flashlight onboard at all times is a wise precaution.

Consult an Experienced Insurance Agent About Utah Road Safety

The experienced staff at Smart Way Insurance Agency, serving Sandy, UT, can provide additional information about what every driver should do to avoid being stuck on the road helpless. In fact, Utah residents and others can avail themselves of the user-friendly online quote feature to check on insurance rates in their locality.


Preparing Your Utah Home for Disaster – 4 Tips

You work hard to take care of your family. But are you doing everything you can to prepare them for an emergency situation? Here are four tips for preparing your Utah home for a disaster.

#1: Have a Plan for Emergencies

One of the first things you need to do when preparing your family for an emergency situation is by creating a plan. Know exactly how each person should escape in the event of a fire and what to do after you’re already outside. Also, make sure you have decided on what to do in case you are ever separated during a massive catastrophe.

#2: Keep Dry Goods and a Medical Kit Handy

Another way to prepare your home for a disaster is by having a supply of food and a first aid kit handy. These items should be reserved for only emergency situations and be located in a spot where they are easy to grab when needed. In addition, check the items periodically to look for expiration dates and update where necessary.

#3: Have Emergency Lighting Accessible

There’s nothing worse in a disaster situation than stumbling around in the dark to look for a flashlight. Take a proactive approach by having emergency lighting easily accessible in each room. This can include candles with matches, a flashlight with a supply of batteries, or whatever makes the most sense to you. Keep these items in a place where they can be easily grabbed if needed, such as in a bedside table or kitchen drawer.

#4: Stay Calm

Remind yourself to stay calm during the incident. This may sound like an unusual way to prepare your home for an emergency, but it is important to think about ahead of time. Keeping a level head is vital in ensuring your family is safe.

While having appropriate homeowner’s insurance coverage won’t help you during a disaster, it will definitely help once the initial danger is over. Smart Way Insurance Agency works with all of our clients to ensure they have the appropriate level of protection to suit their needs. Please contact our team today for further details or a no-obligation policy review.