Benefits of Independent Insurance Agents for Businesses and Individuals

When it is time to purchase insurance, many people in Utah have little idea of where to begin. They know they need a policy to protect home, family and business, but with whom to discuss the subject remains a predicament.

For many in Sandy, UT, there is an understandable desire to deal with someone who knows the area and its people. Sandy is a community that prides itself on having friendly and compassionate people. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of all places these days.

There are businesses that will sell a client the highest priced product, regardless of quality, just to make a profit. To avoid this type of fate, it is always a smart move to deal with independent insurance agents, those who remain free to provide fair policy quotes and a range of options for auto, home and commercial coverage.

Auto Insurance

Utah requires resident motorists to have adequate automobile insurance to cover accident damage. Independent agents, such as those at Smart Way Insurance Agency, can provide policy quotes from a range of popular brands to fit any need. Clients know they have the coverage best for their particular situations.

Property Insurance

When disaster strikes, whether fire, flood or other calamity, property insurance can help stave off the costs of the damage. The independent agents at Smart Way Insurance Agency remain free to assess, with objectivity, the amount of coverage required to keep a home or business owner safe from the unexpected.

Other Insurance Possibilities

Because of complete independence, life, health and financial services all fall under the Smart Way Insurance umbrella of possibilities.  

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The Risks of Letting Someone Drive Your Car

Friends and relatives sometimes ask Utah motorists if they can borrow vehicles. There are some potential reasons for this. A co-worker might want to use a pickup truck to move a large appliance. On the other hand, a friend may need a car for a business trip to Park City while his or her auto remains in the shop. Either way, there are serious risks to consider.


It’s always possible that a traffic accident could damage the vehicle while someone borrows it. Your auto insurance policy may or may not cover the repairs, so it’s important to review the terms that apply to borrowed cars. For example, some policies don’t cover vehicles being used for commercial tasks.


A motorist is more likely to make harmful mistakes when using an unfamiliar car. For instance, he or she might accidentally put regular gasoline in a luxury auto that requires premium fuel. It’s also possible a borrower will spill a drink on the upholstery, smoke cigarettes or fail to lock all of the doors.

Legal Issues

Both the owner and borrower face potential legal risks. For example, authorities could suspect the driver of stealing a borrowed auto. On the other hand, you might get in trouble if your friend commits a crime. A surveillance camera could record your license plate number, or a witness might report it.

Consequently, it’s vital only to lend your car to someone you fully trust. Make sure he or she knows how to operate the vehicle correctly. Contact Smart Way Insurance Agency in Sandy, Utah if you need to sign up for auto coverage, review a current policy or add a new driver. Our independent agency offers coverage from over a dozen trusted insurers.