Control Home Heating Costs Over the Winter

When you make the move from a small apartment to your first house, you often gain a substantial increase in size. You have more room to stretch out and enjoy your home, have friends and family over for get togethers, and use your antique furniture that’s been in storage. There is a downside to all this size, come winter: your home heating costs. The sticker shock of winter heating bills for a house can be significant when you become a new homeowner, but you have several ways to cut down on your heating bills. 

1. Cover drafty windows with plastic sheeting or replace these windows entirely. Depending on your budget, you may need to mitigate the drafts associated with older windows instead of completely replacing them. The plastic sheeting helps you cut down on the heat loss in your new home. 

2. Use a programmable thermostat to control your home’s heating. If the house is empty 8 hours per day while everyone is at work or school, you don’t need to keep the heat up throughout the day. Set it high enough so your pipes won’t encounter freezing problems, but low enough that you aren’t wasting energy throughout the day. Set the thermostat to begin heating the house approximately an hour before you get home. 

3. Stay on top of HVAC maintenance. As a first time homeowner, you’re probably used to your previous landlord handling major systems like the furnace. You need to stay on top of the maintenance schedule to keep it working as efficiently as possible. 

Need to find other ways to cut costs? Reach out to Smart Way Insurance Agency serving the Sandy, UT area to see your homeowner insurance options available.