Can I claim my insurance company if I meet with an accident on the job or while driving my company vehicle?

Getting into an accident on job in Sandy, UT can be a complicated situation. When you are driving your own vehicle, it may not always be possible to make a claim on your auto policy. Depending on the situation and the reason that you were driving, the ability to make a claim may vary.

Company Errands and Work-Related Travel

Whenever you are running errands for the company or traveling for work, you should expect that your auto insurance provider will not pay for the damages to your vehicle or the liability concerns if you caused the accident.

Many insurers will not pay for work-related travel in a personal vehicle because the liability and responsibility rests on the company. You are traveling for your job, not for a personal reason. That means that your employer is ultimately responsible for any accident that occurs.

Primarily Personal Travel

In situations where you are primarily running personal errands and pick up one or two items for your work at the same time, it may still be covered under your personal policy. For example, if you pick up something for the office while you are doing your normal grocery shopping, then the errands may not be considered part of your work.

Employer Coverage

Generally, any time you are driving for your work for any reason, your employer’s liability coverage will pay for the damages that occur after an accident. You do not necessarily need to be driving a company vehicle to make a claim.

Driving a personal vehicle for work-related errands and travel can be risky, but it is not necessarily your coverage that will pay for any accidents that occur. Contact us to speak to an agent for more details.

What happens to my life insurance if I go on an unpaid leave of absence from work?

Taking an unpaid leave of absence from work in Sandy, UT can be challenging and worrisome. While there are situations where it is necessary to take a leave of absence from work due to family emergencies or unexpected health concerns that may arise, it is also important to recognize what happens to your benefits.

The Situation

Ultimately, the situation will play a significant role in the options that are available. A leave of absence does not necessarily mean that you are taking off enough time to be concerned about the loss of benefits. For example, if an emergency arises and you take a month off of work without pay, then it may not have any impact on your benefits.

A long-term leave of absence, such as a two or three month period of time, will often bring up more concerns.

Deciding to Maintain Coverage

In general, a leave of absence will not eliminate your benefits; instead, it gives you the chance to determine what you want to do. You are not fired from your job when you are taking time off due to an emergency or an unexpected situation that takes you away from home.

Many companies will allow you to maintain your life insurance as long as you continue to pay the premiums. Since the funds are not taken out of a paycheck while you are not being paid, you may need to make payments to the company or work out a solution with the insurer to avoid confusion.

Taking time off work does not mean that you are giving up your benefits. In many cases, you can maintain your coverage as long as appropriate measures are taken to handle the situation. Contact us to speak to an agent for more details.