I Do Not Have a Permanent Residence. How Does This Affect My Auto Insurance Rate?

There are a number of reasons why you may not have a permanent address. You may be between houses, couch surfing on your friend’s couch, or could be evicted while you are between cars. Regardless, you are supposed to inform your auto insurance company of any changes to your address and where your car is housed. This may leave you wondering what to do if you find yourself in this situation.

When you do not have a permanent address, an insurance company will ask you to list the addresses where the car is often housed or garaged. This may be at your friend’s place or the part of town where you often crash with family. If you have this information, this will be the address used to generate your quote.

If you are transient and don’t have an address, an insurance company may do one of two things. They may use an average price for numerous zip codes to determine your price or price you based on the most expensive zip codes in the area. Ultimately, it is up to the insurance company to decide what to do in such a situation. As such, it important to get quotes from various companies to ensure you find the one that is fair and reasonably priced for you.

If you are looking to insure a vehicle, yet don’t have a permanent address, let Smart Way Insurance Agency in Sandy, UT help. We can help determine the average cost for zip codes in the area, giving you a fair and reasonable price quote until you have a permanent address.

Protect Home Renovations by Updating Your Insurance

Spring is a great time to remodel your home in preparation for family gatherings in summer. Whether you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen or adding a new patio, updating your insurance coverage with Smart Way Insurance Agency in Sandy, UT is key to protecting your investments. Here are a few reasons why updating your policy is important when making major renovations to your abode.

Coverage Limits and Replacement Cost

Major home renovations often increase the value of a property. A rise in home value will result in higher repair or replacement costs in the event of a claim. The limits on your current insurance policy may be insufficient to rebuild your home if it’s totally destroyed by fire, flood or other covered peril.

Inadequate insurance coverage could mean extra funds coming out of your pocket to repair or replace your loss. An insurance update will allow you to recalculate and adjust coverage limits to protect structural upgrades to your property.

Personal Possessions Coverage

If you’ve bought new appliances to go with your kitchen remodel or patio furniture for a new patio, you may need to increase coverage of personal possessions as well to protect these newly acquired assets.

Property Damage Coverage    

Major renovations and additions will need to be added to your policy to receive insurance protection. By discussing renovation plans with a representative from Smart Way Insurance Agency in advance, you can get a better idea of what kind of coverage you need. If your renovations suffer damage or loss during construction or after completion, your insurer will repair or replace these in accordance with your coverage.

As one of your most valued possessions, your home in Sandy, UT deserves the best insurance protection you can provide. At Smart Way Insurance Agency, we can help you obtain personalized home insurance coverage tailored to your specific needs.  

What Information Do You Need When Updating a Home Insurance Policy?

You may not realize it, but your home insurance coverage amounts should be updated. Your home value and the price of goods that are used to repair and reconstruct a home are ever-changing. As such, it may cost more to fix or rebuild a home now than it did when you bought your policy, meaning you may need more coverage. If you are looking to increase your policy, you may be wondering what information you will need to have on hand as you call your insurance agent. Here are a few things to have on hand when you are updating a home insurance policy.

Your Policy Number

When you are attempting to make any changes to your policy, it is helpful to have your policy number. Of course, your policy can be looked up without this information, but it makes it a lot easier if you have it on hand.

A List of Renovations You Have Made

When you are making changes to your policy, always prepare a list of renovations you have made to your home since the last time your policy was updated. These renovations can affect the value of your home. So you want to make sure that you notate each one so your home is fully protected.

What Budget You Have for Your Policy

The last bit of information you need to have is what your budget is for your new policy. If you are increasing the policy limits, your premiums may increase. Consider a higher deductible if you do not want your premiums to rise.

Is it time for your to update your Sandy, UT home insurance policy? If so, it is time to contact Smart Way Insurance Agency. Our agency serves those in the Sandy, UT and surrounding areas. Call us today and let us help you get the insurance coverage you need to fully protect your financial interests.

How Does an Underage Driver Affect your Policy?

Everyone knows that adding drivers and vehicles to your policy can change your monthly premiums but what does an underage driver do to your policy? For those in the Sandy, UT area, the agents with Smart Way Insurance can help answer that question. Here are some of the basics.

Underage drivers are almost always considered high-risk drivers. This is because these drivers have less experience than older drivers. Their lack of experience is what often makes their presence on a policy a higher cost. For those that have kids, you are going to pay more to insure them due simply to their age. You will also pay more if you buy them an older car that is lacking in safety features.

Underage drivers are going to affect your policy by adding more cost because they are inexperienced. As they get older, your premiums may reduce, but often they will not see a significant drop until your underage driver reaches the age of 25 at which time they are likely going to be on their policy. You cannot change the sex of your underage driver and as a result, most underage males are going to cost more to insure than underage females.

Long story short, underage drivers make your policy go up more than a driver that is over the age of 25 would but in many cases there is no way to avoid this. The best thing to do is add your driver then work to find discounts that might help to counter the effects of having that underage driver on your policy. For those in the Sandy, UT area, the agents with Smart Way Insurance Agency can help you find discounts that make having an underage driver on your policy seem like nothing special.  

Do Older Drivers Get Discounts on Auto Insurance?

When it comes to buying auto insurance, there are of course many discounts that you will want to take advantage of. The exact types of discounts, however, that are available to you will depend on several factors. Take for example that your insurance provider offers a student discount for people who are in school and maintain a certain grade point average (GPA). Unless you are a student and meet the minimum GPA requirement, then you won’t qualify for this discount. Let’s take a quick look at whether or not older drivers qualify for discounts.

Are there discounts for older drivers?

Yes, some insurance agencies do offer senior citizen discounts. The exact age that you will need to meet depends on the insurance carrier that you purchase a policy through. For example, some insurance agencies might require that you be at least 70 years of age to qualify for a senior citizen discount, while other ones may only mandate you be 55-years-old. 

How do you know what the age requirement is?

The best way to determine if you qualify for a senior citizen discount on your auto insurance is to check with your insurance agent. In the process of determining exactly how old you have to be to qualify for this type of discount, you very well may find that you can qualify for other discounts, such as accident-free cuts in your premium. 

If you have any questions about your policy, contact your agent today. To learn more about senior citizen discounts on auto insurance, contact Smart Way Insurance Agency serving the Sandy, UT area. 

Why Homeowners Insurance is so important in Sandy, UT

Your home is most likely the biggest investment that you will ever make so it’s important to protect it with adequate homeowner’s insurance coverage.  The threat of fire, flooding or severe weather can significantly impact you and your family financially.  Sometimes, the damage may come from visitors to your property.  A homeowner’s insurance policy from Smart Way Insurance Agency in Sandy, UT can help protect you so that you can recover quickly from any disaster that occurs. 

A homeowner’s policy will cover the repair or replacement of a home should there be a fire or damage from a severe weather event.  It will also cover the owner’s personal property that is damaged.  This can include clothing, furnishing and personal items.  Most policies also cover small outbuildings, storage sheds and fencing on the homeowner’s property.  In the event that a home is destroyed and significantly damaged and deemed inhabitable, most homeowner’s policies will provide funds to cover the homeowners additional living expenses such as hotels and meals until the home is repaired.  Homeowner’s policies also contain some personal liability coverage.  This protects homeowners by providing funds for legal expenses should someone get hurt on their property and sue.  Many policies will also provide funds for medical expenses if someone is hurt on their property.  These types of support are invaluable following a traumatic event and allows homeowners to recover more quickly. 

In Sandy, UT, it’s important to have appropriate homeowner’s insurance.  The team at Smart Way Insurance Agency is ready to discuss your options with you or visit our website and compare quotes online.  Today is the day to get the coverage you need!

Ways to Avoid DIY Remodeling Mistakes

Do you enjoy DIY (do it yourself) remodeling? Maybe you’ve declared yourself a DYI master, and along with you buddy YouTube, you’ve been able to pull off many projects just fine.  It’s never too late to get a few tips on how to avoid some common DIY remodeling mistakes from your friends at Smart Way Insurance Agency in Sandy, UT.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • When remodeling a small space, avoid trapping something large in the room, such as a refrigerator.  Measure repeatedly and imagine every possible scenario before changing the area’s layout.
  • For some items, it will not pay to go with the cheapest.  For example, installing an island range hood is no easy feat, and removing it a year later because you found an amazing deal will not save on cost.
  • When doing specialty work, there is no shame in consulting with a specialist before you start the work.  For example, electrical work can be tricky, especially when you want something fancy like dimmer switches at both entrances of a room.  You don’t want to end up with flickering lights that don’t dim.
  • Avoid tackling DIY projects on a holiday.  It may seem like the perfect time, but if things go wrong, you have no one to turn to because they are all on holiday.  Imagine a DIY plumbing project that goes south over the long Thanksgiving weekend.  It’s best to save some projects when a pro you trust is around to help.

Smart Way Insurance Agency

At Smart Way, we care about your home in the Sandy, UT area, and we love sharing tips on how to maintain and manage remodeling work to save you time and money.  We are here for you to help identify your home insurance needs.  Contact us today.

How to Make Your Car Drive Forever

We all know that maintaining our cars makes them last longer. Some of us probably even do it ourselves. But the secret to a car that drives forever? That takes some dedication and know-how to pull off. If you want to make your car drive forever—or at least a really long time—here are a few tips.

Dealership Maintenance

Although most of us get maintenance done on our cars at local mechanic shops or do it ourselves, there’s something to be said for going to the dealer. The dealer knows exactly what your car needs, things you would only know if you studied the car’s manual. The dealer may cost a little more, but they can tell when things are slightly off that a mechanic with wider knowledge might not have.

Follow Some 3 Million Mile Advice

Whether you live in Sandy, UT and got your insurance at Smart Way Insurance Agency or not, the experience of a man who has driven his Volvo over three million miles is valuable. If you want your car to run forever, or at least millions of miles, follow his guidance: 

  • Really read and follow the manual. Instead of stashing it in the glove box, study it to figure out your car’s optimum maintenance routines. 
  • Get regular oil changes every time they are due instead of procrastinating.
  • Keep the car clean inside and out to prevent corrosion.
  • Drive your car on a daily basis, as well as taking it on regular road trips.

Stay Safe on the Road

While no one intends to get in an accident, statistics show that when you drive 10 miles faster than other cars on a freeway (such as 80 MPH when traffic is going at 70 MPH), your odds of wrecking increase by 31%. If you want your car to keep driving, you can’t afford getting in an accident.

If you live in Sandy, UT, go to the dealer for maintenance, read the manual, and be an alert driver. These are some keys to making that car drive practically forever. Your Smart Way Insurance Agency representative will thank you.

Why Routine Gutter Maintenance is Important

Regularly maintaining gutters is important throughout the year, even in winter. While we may receive less that the US average of 39 inches of rain each year, we do get a lot of snow in Sandy, UT. In fact, we average 89 inches of snow each year! Melting snow on the roof needs a place to go. Are your gutters in shape to handle it? At Smart Way Insurance Agency, we recommend that gutters are on your list of regularly scheduled home maintenance tasks.

Keep Unwanted Visitors Away with Clean Gutters

If your gutters are filled with debris, this can attract unwanted animals who find these things attractive. In the winter, not only will they scour your gutters for materials they can use, they will search for entry points into your home where it is warmer. In the summer, debris creates stagnant water in the gutters, which is the perfect place for mosquitos to lay their eggs. Clean gutters allow water to flow and keep your home from being a breeding ground for mosquitos. Clean gutters can help keep your home free of mosquitos and rodents.

Protect Your Home from Water Damage

Clogged or damaged gutters can also create water damage. If they are working properly, they move water from rain, ice, or melting snow away from your roof and home. However, if they are clogged, water can pool in the gutters and eventually seep into your home causing mold and mildew. This can weaken your home’s foundation and walls. Sandy, UT is a wonderful place to live. But as with any home, regular maintenance is key. If you do have an issue with your home, give one of the friendly agents at Smart Way Insurance Agency a call. We are here to help. 

Auto Insurance in Sandy, UT

Utah is a beautiful state for road touring. Drivers visiting Bryce, Zion, or the Canyonlands National Park will want to make sure they have auto insurance. Auto insurance is mandated for drivers owning vehicles in Utah.

Minimum insurance coverage for Utah drivers is liability coverage that protects a driver from costs associated with another driver’s injury after an accident. Depending on a driver’s record, Utah rules to auto registration may require that a driver holds comprehensive auto insurance coverage.

The main categories of auto insurance available to Utah drivers are as follows:

Liability Coverage – the most basic auto insurance agreement that every driver must carry in Utah. Mandated under law, liability insurance is required by all U.S. states, and covers another driver’s injury and property damage claim.

Property Coverage – compensates repair and replacement of vehicle and property after an accident or vandalism claim.

Medical Coverage – covers medical and hospitalization bills, as well as lost wages due to injury and funeral expenses.

Comprehensive Coverage –  a combined insurance that covers liability, property, and medical auto insurance all in a single policy.

Utah drivers requiring comprehensive auto insurance coverage will generally find that premium rates are indexed higher. Comprehensive auto insurance policies compensate an insured for medical, property repair, and legal fees. Drivers with a record of accident incidences, traffic tickets, those categorized as under a risk classification, may be obliged to meet Utah State’s comprehensive auto coverage requirements. Those having good driving records, may benefit from discount insurance incentives offered through insurers. Ask your insurance broker about eligibility for a discount on an auto insurance agreement.

To find out about auto insurance coverage policy premiums, claims grace periods, and terms and conditions, and to request a quote, contact Smart Way Insurance Agency, Sandy, UT.